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Accessing Generative-AI Tools

Many AI tools are free though the best, including the paid version of ChatGPT, seem mostly to ask for a subscription or other type of payment. Currently, Bing and Bard are not available through our New School Google and Microsoft accounts as they are not included in the education package the university contracted. We do anticipate changes to these practices in the coming year as many universities are affected. You can access both if you have private accounts with Google and Microsoft. 

In addition, new tools and software that are powered by the underlying architecture of ChatGPT and other generative AI tools are proliferating at an astonishing rate. Be cautious in opting to use any free or paid tools that are emerging. [Link to privacy and security guidance forthcoming.]

If you require use of AI tools in your class, be sure students can do the work using free tools. If students must use tools that require paid subscriptions, be sure to indicate the expense clearly on your syllabus with any other required purchases. If you have a paid subscription to a tool you find particularly valuable and want to demonstrate it, please do, either live in class or  by recording a video of yourself using the tools to demonstrate different uses. 

The landscape of tools is changing daily.

Current free text-based tools include:

ChatGPT-free free, with limited posts

Claude, from Anthropic, free with limits

Google Bard, with free personal gmail account

Perplexity AI, free with no limits, sign in required

YouChat (search engine), sign in required

NeevaAI (search engine), sign in required

Poe, sign in required

Current free image-based tools include:

Stable Diffusion Online, no log in

El Pintador, iOS only

DiffusionBee: mac only,  no limits

Dall-E, 15 free images per month, sign in required

Playform, free to try but watermarks images, sign in required


Craiyon, sign in required

Current free coding tools include:


Current free audio tools include:

Eleven Labs, some limits, sign in required

RiffusionBoomy, sign in required

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