Guide To Teaching and Learning

Instructor Use for Teaching Tasks

As you explore the way these tools work and what they can do and what they get wrong, consider asking the generative AI tool to complete the kinds of tasks you do as an instructor, for example, ask it to:

  • Provide feedback on student drafts (text or image)
  • Create different types of assignments:  Here are three examples for assignments for a design course generated by Bard and two examples for the same course generated by ChatGPT as well as three examples of assignments for a literature course generated by Bard and two examples for the same course generated by ChatGPT. 
  • Generate ideas for student learning activities. Here are a couple examples for a Parsons First Year course.
  • Create a rubric for assessing an assignment (these are examples of rubrics Chat GPT suggested for the two literature assignments it had suggested here
  • Draft questions for a classroom discussion
  • Outline a lecture
  • Suggest ways to discuss the ethical and security implications of the tools with your students
  • Suggest an activity to help students think about the pros and cons of the tools for student learning (here are three examples for activities based on a particular prompt, try different prompts and see what they yield)
  • Suggest activities that will help students develop skills in providing feedback (here are three examples based on a particular prompt)

You probably won’t directly be able to use what it generates, but it should give you some really good ideas for where to start and in some instances–and depending what it’s asked to provide–they may only need some slight modifications.

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